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The Effects of Chanukah

The Menorah at Home

The Chanuka menora is lit at home. This teaches us that Jewish strength begins at home. A Jewish home is a dwelling place for G-d; it is a place, more than any other location, where Jewish continuity is assured.

The Chanuka lights are kindled when the sun sets, precisely when darkness falls outside. It is then that we are enjoined to light up our homes with the sacred Chanuka lights, symbolizing the eternal light of Torah and mitzvot.

This teaches us that it is the study of Torah and the observance of mitzvot that help bring light to the darkness outside. Especially in these days, when we see darkness everywhere, we must continue to make Torah and mitzvot our guiding light so that our lives are illuminated.

Straight Away

Judaism teaches that the main thing is the deed. Thus, the actual lighting of the Chanuka menora comes immediately after sunset, as soon as the holiday has commenced.

Holy Light

The candle contributes physical light, but, in the words of the Chanuka prayer "HaNeirot Halalu" -- these lights are holy. Thus, we contribute spiritual light to the world by performing mitzvot.  

Chanukah Eternal

Our Sages have said, "Even if all the other festivals will be annulled Chanuka and Purim will not be annulled. For Chanuka and Purim were given to Israel by the merit of their own deeds.

The Hidden Light

The holy Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz, a leading disicple of the Baal Shem Tov, said: "Every Chanuka as the Chanuka lights are kindled, the hidden light is revealed-the light of our righteous Moshiach."


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