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Moshiach in the Parsha - Pekudei

Concealed then Revealed

This week, we complete the second book of the Torah, Shemot. The book concludes with a description of the cloud that descended onto the Mishkan (Tabernacle) which prevented Moses from entering. The Torah portion of the following week, Vayikra, begins with revelation: “G-d called to Moses,” revealing Himself to him.

This concealment followed by revelation is a metaphor for the concealment of G-d during the time of exile. In a person’s own Divine service, a revelation of G-d after a period of concealment is called Teshuvoh. When a person repents of his past misdeeds and returns to G-d, his relationship to G-d is actually stronger than if he had never left.

In fact, for one who does Teshuvoh wholeheartedly, his past misdeeds become Mitzvot, since his sense of lack and distance from G-d gave the impetus for him to seek out G-d with complete Teshuvoh.

The lesson for us is that there is never room for despair. Regardless of how distant we may feel from G-d, He is waiting for us to approach Him with complete Teshuvoh. In proportion to the concealment of our time, will be the ultimate revelation with Moshiach.

In the past, the generations were perhaps more spiritually advanced than we are, but they were still far from Redemption. Our generation is the closest to Redemption, and the great revelation will come following the concealment that we have already experienced. Take heart and prepare for the great light of Redemption that will soon be revealed.

(Likutei Sichos, vol. 1, p. 202-203)


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