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  Monday, August 20, 2018 - 9 Elul 5778
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Purim & Moshiach
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Purim Revisited

Purim is a holiday for children and the children at heart. And why shouldn't it be? According to Jewish teachings, it was because of the Jewish... 
When Nature Is Eclipsed

Before we can understand what happened on Purim we need to understand that when G-d is not revealed we have nature. Nature hides revealed G-dliness... 
Purim in the Future

Our Sages have said, "Even if all the other festivals will be annulled Chanuka and Purim will not be annulled. For Chanuka and Purim were given to... 
The Challenge Of Exile

Mordechai's reaction to Haman's decree clearly expressed the interrelationship between his material success and his divine service. Mordechai did... 
Why Be Happy?

It's Adar, be happy! This is the basic theme of the Jewish month in which we find ourselves. "When Adar begins, we increase in joy," our Sages teach. 

Purim was a breakthrough in exile. After the great miracles celebrated during this festival, the Persian rulers granted permission to rebuild the... 

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