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  Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 9 Av 5778
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Show Me the Way Home!
One Chanukah, a Chasid decided to visit his Rebbe. It was a cold winter, but the thought of being with his Rebbe kept the Chasid warm.

Suddenly, snowflakes began to fall from the sky. Faster and faster the flakes fell. The wind began to blow, swirling the snow in all directions. The poor Chasid couldn't see the path. He couldn't see any landmark. In fact, he couldn't tell if he was heading in the right direction or not.

Meanwhile, the sun had set. The Rebbe took a burning stick out of the stove, recited the blessings, and lit two candles. Usually, he sang or spoke words of Torah. But tonight, he just stared at the flames.

Back in the woods, the poor Chasid fell down in the snow. He was so tired, he wished he could go to sleep. But he knew that falling asleep meant freezing to death. So he forced himself to get up and move on.

Suddenly, two lights appeared in the distance. "Rescuers must be looking for me!" he thought. The Chasid followed the lights through the woods and fields. But he couldn't see a soul - just the lights. He struggled on and on, until finally he saw the synagogue of his Rebbe.

The Chasid burst through the door and cried, "Rebbe! Thank you for sending people to find me!"

For the first time that evening, the Rebbe looked up. "I didn't send anyone," he explained. "The light from the Chanukah candles must have helped you find your way!"

And the truth is, they still help us all!


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