Candle Lighting Light Candles
7:30 PM this Friday, 17 August 2018
Shabbat Ends 8:32 PM
  Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 3 Elul 5778
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Chanukah Stories
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Channa and her Seven Sons

Antiochus was determined to enforce his vicious edicts upon the Jews, effectively destroying their attachment to the Torah. He forbade the... 
Chanukah in the shadow of the inquisition

The House of Modiglia, importers of silks, was one of the famous business establishments in Seville, Spain. The two brothers Yaakov and Reuven del... 
The Menorah in Union Square

When I was a child, the holiday season always saw our family gathered in the living room, standing quietly in front of the Chanuka menora. We lit... 
To Merit the Menorah

Most of the people of the shtetl of Roshvenitz were very poor, but, being Chasidim, poverty could not detract from their joy of life, as it was... 
The Light in the Window
Rabbi Eli Hecht - 10/17/2007

During World War II there was a group of fighting Polish partisans who had broken out of the Nazi war camps. These partisans consisted of a few... 
A Chanukah Adventure

"Children," father said after bentching the Chanukah Lights, "tonight you'll have to play dreidle on your own..." "Oh daddy..." they all chimed... 
Saving a Jewish Life

My father, Rabbi Abraham Zvi Greenvald, was born in Lodz, Poland, and was orphaned from his father at the age of 8. His mother was left with seven... 

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